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NOI is seeking a way to ennoble folks and connect  with Islam at large. I’m no expert but can question  NOI’s ties or support  with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir because it looks like we have persisting enslavement of Africans in Sudan. Jews aside, does Min. Farrakhan outright condemn this atrocity? 


If you are genuinely seeking the truth then take the time to understand what's going on and what respective parties positions actually are and not what you think they are.   The NOI is not "tied" to the Sudanese President has repeated like condemned all manners of violence and injustice all over Africa. 


What the NOI (and well informed groups, institutions and individuals of various backgrounds) does NOT do is play into sensationalist claims that are repeated by individuals who have no interest in the subject or are seeking to create an atmosphere where the situation can be further exploited (ie involving the UN under R2P).


This assumes that you're genuine in your quest for truth, and not a person posting material to continue a cloud of suspicion.   Invoking a long DEBUNKED myth about Malcolm X doesn't help your case.


Not sure what the “DEBUNKED” myth of Malcolm X is.  Saying the book is phony?


I am never going to go along with any politically organized religion. I did a little research and came across a video where Min. Farrakhan is bellowing about “The Synagogue of Satan” and a book he published called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. It’s been called bogus  by esteemed black scholars.


In case you are genuinely concerned with truth, Min. Farrakhan is never going to use a phrase like “The Mosque of Satan” It’s obvious. His vision is to connect NOI with Islam at large and maybe he thinks that pointing fingers at a Jewish “Satan” will help that cause.  Wrong turn to take.  


All political religious figures are bogus as I see it. Sheikh Nasrullah declared children who died from Hezbollah’s friendly fire as martyrs to Allah. My little view is those children died as martyrs to man’s imperfection. A genuine religious figure would say that children on all sides are martyrs to man’s imperfection. Allah’s got nothing to do with it. Nor Jehovah. Nor Jesus and so forth. Feel free to DEBUNK.


My point is also not to defend abuses by the Israelis or Jews or those rabbis  who played a minor (not as big as they imagine) role in the civil rights movement. Then again how many Imams were marching in Selma? “Satan”?


Malcolm was a great being. If you want to DEBUNK, go ahead.