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And until Arabs muslim and nonmuslims and black moslems here in America recognize that WOMEN are NOT chattel or commodities or subhumans, I personally will continue to  BLAME Arabs be they muslims or otherwise for the mass destruction of BLACK PEOPLE in Africa.  


I'm confused by this statement. Most Muslims I know do not view or treat women as chattel, as a commodity, or as subhumans. As stated previously, I've listened to Louis Farrakhan's speeches in which he has spoken strongly against the denigration, disrespect, and oppression of women, here and elsewhere. Many Muslims, whom I know, treat women with far more respect than Christians do.


The USA is considered a Christian nation. How does it value women, black women in particular? Porn, which demeans and devalues women, is allowed (per freedom of speech) to flourish in a supposedly Christian nation. Porn is broadcast on television, cinemas, on the internet, portrayed in games, and printed in magazines and smut books 24/7. Look how women are portrayed on television and on the movie screen in a supposedly Christian nation. Black women are constantly devalued, made mockery of, disrespected, and denigrated in the media. We are referred to as B----es, whores, etc. in music (rap) videos. The way we are portrayed is simply awful. Women in this country are not treated with respect. It is only an illusion of respect; otherwise, women in the entertainment business wouldn't feel compelled to degrade themselves. Islam cannot be blamed for the way women are treated in this country. The funny thing is that the Bible (Book of Leviticus?) states that women should dress modestly and cover their hair. How many Christian women dress modestly and cover their hair?


I have to disagree with you about Arabs being solely responsible for the destruction of Africa. Western Imperialism, without a doubt (beginning with colonialism), is primarily responsible for the destruction of Africa. Which group invaded all of Africa? Stealing its people and resources? Setting up a system of apartheid? Assassinated legitimate leaders like Patrice Lumumba? Which group continues to meddle in the affairs of African countries, makes plans to take out certain leaders of certain African countries, places inhumane sanctions on certain African countries, and continues to steal Africa's resources? The sphere of Arab influence in Africa has always been limited. Western Imperialism ensures that it remains that way. 


Please don't insult my intelligence.  I KNOW  better.  It is WRONG on so many levels to ignore the real problem it ain't even funny.  How can ONE enslave their mother, sister, grandmother, aunt and sleep like a baby at night just cuz some MAN wrote it in a book?.  Well....hell when it comes to us?  Books have lied lied lied about our history.  That's what book burnings were all about...the ones that had the REAL truth in it .


I'm not sure what you're referring to here. No one is ignoring the problem in Darfur (or elsewhere in Africa). The real problem is Western Imperialism. No one will say that there isn't human rights violations occurring in Darfur. Even Louis Farrakhan stated that there was true injustice going on in that country. He didn't ignore or minimize it. What he addressed, in that particular video clip, was the West's underlying motive for getting involved in the internal affairs of Sudan. The motive wasn't pure. It is hypocritical for this country to denounce human rights abuses in Darfur (or elsewhere) while turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses being done to blacks in its own backyard!


I don't give a DAMN about religion cuz for some reason WOMEN are the ONLY ones thrown under the bus.


I have to disagree with this point. Christianity has thrown all black people (male and female) under the bus, having us worshiping whites, thinking we are cursed, etc.


Black folks are not ONLY dying in Africa but they are being BUTCHERED and folks with their black book of so-called spirituality continue to either look the other way...or JUSTIFY it.


Which black religious leaders are justifying or ignoring this?  I haven't personally heard of any black religious leader condone or justify the crimes against black Africans. I've heard white racists condone and justify them, though.



I am, not believing a DAMN thang a man says especially when he can watch his infant daughter get castrated before she understands what that part of her body part is. Or won't touch a woman unless her labia is torn from her body and he can see the blood coming from her sexual wound.   How CIVILIZED is that?  And what GOD would allow it? 


How many men in this country have watched, let alone allowed, their female infants be castrated (mutilated)?  All men are not like that, even in some of those countries that practice FGM!!! It's not fair to tarnish all men, everywhere, for the behavior of some.


I agree that FGM is a horrific practice that needs to end NOW; however, it has nothing to do with God. God didn't tell anyone to carry out this horrific deed against females. Human beings are solely responsible for this. God gave each of us freedom to choose. Freedom to believe in Him or not.   He gave us a BRAIN. What we decide to do with our brains is up to us. All God wants from us is to be righteous and to obey His (true, not made-up by man and claimed to be from God) commandments (don't steal, murder, etc.). If we choose to be unrighteous, we have to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. God doesn't have to come down here to punish us for everything because there is this little thing called 'cause and effect.' Human beings are responsible for this Hell on earth, not God.


FGM is not a religious practice. It is a cultural practice. There is no religion that I am aware of that actually states that females should be mutilated in such a fashion. 


Religion or humanity[i.e. saving people]? What is the true purpose of a MAN, if he is not here to protect his family?


Religion is supposed to be about saving people but, like I said, it has been corrupted or hijacked by imperfect human beings who have difficulty doing the right thing. Men are supposed to be the true protectors of family but, unfortunately, this world is currently FUBAR. Every man is not doing his job. Some seem to lack interest. Some actually prey on women and children.


Kocolicious, this world hasn't always been like this. It will not remain in this messed up state forever.