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Reply to "Did Kanye say something wrong?"



Now you are randomly making assertions that have nothing to do with anything I've posted or any position the NOI has taken.  The myth of Malcolm isn't something I invented, it is a phrased used by people who knew Malcolm personally that describes what people associate with Malcolm used by Muslim, non Muslim, members of the NOI and non members alike.


It’s been called bogus  by esteemed black scholars.


People can and do characterize books, reports, viewpoints etc however they want (truthfully or untruthfully).  However, there is an academic standard in responding, replying or rebutting such a work.  Of course what these same characterizations fail to include is that both volumes are compilations  of material from scholarly jewish sources.  To actually impeach the work, you need to dig into the material presented NOT any characterization of the material.   Anything short of that, and the author of the characterization can be charged with ignorance (by misrepresenting a work and material they have no knowledge of) or deception (intentionally misrepresenting a work to the public).


So the question is which "esteemed Black scholars" have actually read and reviewed the book and what is their academic assessment of it.


Like it or not, the thesis of SRBL vols 1 & 2 has been validated directly and indirectly by scholarly inquiry. To take it a step further there are Jewish publications that have piggy backed on the thesis of both SRBJ books....that is, the popular narrative of Jewish people/community being large and/or substantive supporters of the abolition movement being false (historically inaccurate to say the least).  JSTOR is your friend.


In case you are genuinely concerned with truth, Min. Farrakhan is never going to use a phrase like “The Mosque of Satan” It’s obvious. His vision is to connect NOI with Islam at large and maybe he thinks that pointing fingers at a Jewish “Satan” will help that cause.  Wrong turn to take. 



The phrase Synagogue of Satan is not a NOI invention but a passage in scripture.  And again, your attempt to suggest that the NOI has either no criticism of the larger Muslim society is uninformed, incorrect.  None of this is difficult to grasp unless you're determined NOT to grasp or you're not interested in knowing the truth of the NOI (or any other groups) position.


All political religious figures are bogus as I see it.


SMH...does this NOT include Malcolm X? 


Your prejudges clouds both the thinking and reasoning on these matters.


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