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Brotha Jalil wrote: Something was left unsaid. I’ve read NOI material for years and once believed Min. Farakkhan’s claims that that Jews and not Arabs were most heavily involved in the Atlantic slave trade. His claim that 3 out of 4 slave holders were Jews was a first red flag. Down South? That’s when I began to suspect that he was a bigot playing up to Muslims in the MENA region. How many black folks have Jewish last names from Massa? No, these are English and Irish names. We know that’s what the X is about. Getting rid of those cursed names is right. Let’s be honest. Min. Farrakhan’s claims that 3 out of 4 plantation owners were Jews is a lie. Whoopi "Goldberg", and her name is for stage, is one of the few Jewish surnames. It is known that Arabs have been in the slave trade for 1400 years. Min Farrakhan tries too hard to change facts and by this he makes himself a smaller man. It is why he is not a historically great man. Malcolm X was going in the direction of greatness. Farrakhan’s response in the video is weak, over done. And I’m not defending the ADL, treatment of Palestinians in Israel or worked up over Kanye’s rap, . Mandela was a transcendent unifier.

I just LOVE a thinking man! I agree with you my brotha. The Jews did participate in slavery but in the beginning primarily in the eastern/central portion of Europe which includes Spain and Portugal. Their participation in white slavery is probably one of the many reasons why Jews started being persecuted and subsequently exiled from Europe. They got into the slavery of Africans during the onset of the Atlantic Slave Trade. However, it is not clear to me how much their involvement cuz of the resentment from both the Arabs and Europeans against them due for the most part of the fact Jews had been selling white christians as slaves since the 4th and 5th century AD. I also believe that their involvement occurred after the collapse of the Roman Empire and took over slaving from the Romans. I don't remember actually the final breakdown to this but I do know that Arabs and Europeans alike used their religious dogma to justify slavery as a form of "saving" uncivilized heathens in Africa[and is why I don't believe in any of the main religious books: the Bible, The Quran and The Talmund]. The true reason is they did it for MONEY and POWER.

And many of the Jews who took part of the Atlantic Slave Trade disguised themselves as christians or converts because of the hostility developed because of their involvement of enslaving Europeans. Only cuz at that time, you could not distinquish where the whites derived in the Europe spectrum. Were they peasants, serfs, what? And many times, christian slaves were thrown into the mix and is why the resentment of Jews in Europe increased where genocides of them occurred across the continent. I am sure that Jews participated in all areas of slavery i.e. of whitefolks as well as Africans. But their greed [slaves, mineral resources etc] caused the friction from both Arabs and Europeans. I don't believe that Jews are hated because of their betrayal to Jesus in the bible. I believe it had a lot to do with MONEY and slave participation. Which was what caused most disagreements back then.


And for me? I really see the Jews not only as thieves of African chattel but as thieves of African culture. Cuz it is my belief that Jews stole the Hebrew identity of Africans [Ethiopia] and called it their own solely BECAUSE they didn't have a true identity to point to. So they took it from the stolen African strolls and created their own legacy from it. Thus the creation of the Talmud and from there? The creation of the Bible and the Qu'ran. And because of their ability to be merchants which included slavery and ownership of diamond mines, land etc.from Africa that is why worldwide Jews is seen as dirty, shifty, sneaky, rat people who feed of other folks social heredity. Jews were massa and arabs competition!

See? The jews [undercapped for a reason] could blend in back then and be slave traders cuz they look both white and semitic[sp]. That was their edge to be a part of the human gold. However, white folks KNOW why they hate jews. And arabs know why they hate Jews. It has nothing to do with biblical stories. Cuz really no one is telling the REAL story of the relationship among the three. But all you have to do is look at history and it is right there. Not in the bible. Not in the Qu'ran. Not in the Talmund. But in world HISTORY! Because what I am saying is so outside the box? It is totally rejected by male scholars. However, doesn't mean it isn't the truth but just that male dominate scholars[who lie all the time about history] reject the notion is all cuz they have control over what is written. But time and time again they have been exposed as liars especially back in the piltdown man days AND also when many of them large thinkers thought the world was flat. So..

Malcolm was going in that direction after he came back from Mecca. He defended his own first but he began to see the big picture. That’s the One.

I agree again. Malcolm was on his way baby. In Mecca, he was blown away to see men with the bluest eyes brothers to men with the brownest eyes. He saw diversity in religious unity. But this evolution was soon to be short lived. Cuz he was at the tip of discovering the REAL truth about African slavery on both sides...well on three sides. But! He was stopped for a reason. Cuz why? He was a genius. And he was gonna expose the real deal behind massa, the arabs and the jews involvement in Africa! And alllllllll three couldn't let that happen. But he was definitely our messiah and it probably was a divine reason from the universe why he was given 5 daughters and no sons. Cuz for the first time in history thus far? A Black MAN was about to be the savior for all black people in America which rapture included women and children as a human/family unit not as chattel or sexual servants.

Side note: When I was teaching in the juvenile detentions a thousand years ago, I used Malcolm X's story as a model to redefine worth to misguided black youths. I used to give away hundreds of his books [The Autobiography of Malcolm X] to these students to inspire them and let them KNOW visually that you can do and be ANYTHING you want if you believe in yourself. Malcolm did. He self-taught himself and consequently became one of the greatest speakers in the world. But that achievement clearly was a threat to ALL three cultures that had historically enslaved us. So Malcolm was stopped not by massa but his OWN people[probably appointed by the three]-which shows how brainwashed some black men still were back then. Anyway, you have a good point my brotha. And as a girl, I never understood why some brothers who converted to Islam in these united states used that conversion to continue to minimize and restrict the black women who fought hard to give THEM freedom and arrogantly dismiss it as if it never occurred. Still today, I don't understand why they consistently overlook this obvious milestone. But!

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