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Reply to "Did Kanye say something wrong?"

Originally Posted by Jalil:


If I was able think or had a concern for truth, I’d  rest my "case" with a quote by Cornel West who called black anti-Semitism "the bitter fruit of a profound self-destructive impulse, nurtured on the vines of hopelessness and concealed by empty gestures of black unity.”  You mean well and are very well studied  but, we don’t get to unity - no pretending- on the back of hatred. We’re all imperfect and can presume Malcolm X also was to some extent  but I think he finally understood the big picture.


Interesting quote from Cornel West, who has also been accused of anti Semitic for not being afraid to be associated with the NOI (he is frequently a honored guest at events) and doesn't buy into media narratives.


I didn't use the term prejudges as a form of name calling, but an actual description (pre judging ) given your own statements concerning positions you're unfamiliar with  and reasons you give for them.


They all end at the same place although the reasoning cannot be supported.


We (Muslims) don't move on hatred.  In truth, these are subjects that do not occupy a great deal of time in the minds of Muslims.  However, when the issue is raised, we are taught to be thorough students. Every position is given its proper weight.


We don't believe those who benefit from systems of oppression on face value. 

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