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Reply to "Dems worried"

QUOTE: "A lot of Democratic elites thought this was a slam-dunk. And I thought, no it's not," said Lake, the pollster. "People in this town were already measuring drapes. And I was thinking, have you been in the real world lately?"

If some Dems thought that this Presidential race was going to be easy because of Obama's primary win, his chrisma, popularity, mass appeal and John McCain's/Bush politics then they are completely out-of-touch.

I guess they have forgotten that with all the fanfare, large crowds and emotion, that Obama is still RWB, "Running While Black."

The solution: quit your bitchin', work harder, engage the Democratic base and strenghten your grass-root efforts to get people registered to vote and available on Election Day.

All this "flash in the pan" Palin fanfare is just fuzzy noise if you get the minority vote out.

This is what happens when a Black candidate completely surrounds himself with inner circle White political expert supporters (and a few Blacks who don't think) who don't understand American citizens and can't see the big picture beyond the political polls, statistics and all the MSM fuss.

I called the Obama campaign three days ago and asked one of the supporters that if Sarah Palin can energize the Republican base (and that's all she doing), then why aren't the Democrats doing the same?

I also informed him that I am being told from my small home town that no grass-root work has been performed in that town since the primary ended. No, phone calls, no fliers, no mailings, no nothing and these are the people who will make the difference in this close campaign, not the major cities.

Small towns tends to vote majority one way or closely spilt down the middle. You have to directly engage them.

I alluded to him that one of the mistakes that is being made is the omission of Barack Obama to directly visit/campaign & engage in the African American community.

The same can also be said for the Hispanic community.

I notice that Obama only campaigns and addresses issues (and is purposely reported & televised) in small mid-western White communities and not in any of the majority African American/Hispanic communities.

I told him that the Black community is not just televised Sunday church speeches and/or NAACP/Black Caucus speeches but direct boots- on-the-ground-campaigning, the same as he does with the White Americans everyday all across the country.

He got a little annoyed and responsed, "according to our statistics via grass root efforts, we are making great progress in the African American community".

Really? Then why "statistically" is African American voter registration poorly lacking at this point? Why haven't African American communities receiving a televised, MSM reported campaign stop/visit from Obama?

From their vantage point, Obama's campaign believe that Obama has the Black vote wrapped up "according to the statistics" but I know, as well as many here on this blog site, that millions of Blacks are still not registered or have never voted and we all know of at least two Black people who have never or don't intend to vote. These two or more people are not being engaged directly by the campaign.

There are only 54 days left.

Republicans are smart. For the Republicans, the key to winning is small town rural White America all across the country. That tactic worked and made the difference in 2004.

The Democratic party believes that Americans will come around and vote in their best interest beause of the last eight years. For Republicans, f+ck that, it's all about the win.

The Democrats need to stop crying and do the same.