Reply to "Democrats Hope to Bury Black Lives Matter Under Election Blitz"

Originally Posted by NSpirit:
This article reminds me of the things GoodMan frequently says about blacks and the DEMOCRATIC party.


The Democratic Plantation Party uses radical/leftist/non-conservative movements in order to differentiate itself from the Grand Dragon Party uses Conservative/Religious/White Nationalist movements in order to differentiate itself from the DPP.


Every single socialist/lefist/hardcore right winger understands this about Mainstream elections, especially in a system like ours when you only got two parties.



Only difference between everybody that isn't into Mainstream American Politics and Black folks is that even the most Leftist Black person will eat shit sandwiches given to them by the Good White Folks of the Democratic Plantation Party.


White women are the most protected group in America. WHITE WOMEN are the true base of the Democratic Party.




I talked to White Nationalists, Asian Nationalists, Black Leftists, got damn every radical you can think of and they think we are the dumbest motherfuckers in the room when it comes to American politics, because we don't exercise self determination whatsoever.


Black people were given a place in American politics immediately after the emancipation of slaves. It was supposed to build these autonomous communities where Good White Folks can create a community of Good Niggers and out of those Good Niggers, they can become assisting colonizers in the Colonization of Africa.


Then Bad White Folks said fuck that and then we have Black Codes and voting tolls and etc. And the Good White Folks sat back and allowed it to happen because they wanted a reconciliation with the South. 


We have understand the intention of White people when it comes to interacting with us. We are always in a subordinate position. 


Even the Martin Delanys and the Henry Mcneal Turners aka Black Nationalists,believed that they were special due to this interaction with Western Culture, all awhile criticizing Frederick Douglas for being a Good Nigger to White folks. 


So we are sick in the head. 


Black people are the damn majority on the planet and we sit here in the USA and act as if we just gotta play along with the "Good White Folks" and as if that's the only chance we got and it's not.


We don't have to vote to gain power. Asians don't fucking vote. Asians don't fuck with White folks at all. We don't have to have a coalition with Latinos because Jews and Asians don't fuck with Latinos. We don't have to become doctors and lawyers because Middle Easterners aren't, they are entrepreneurs. 


All we gotta do is create an actual community and create a social economy and a local political structure and stop allowing Coons and Cracker Lovers to be mayors, teachers, and police officers.