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Reply to "define 'sexy'..."

Originally posted by Tigers37:
I would be curious how you would differentiate between sexy and sensual...for me is sexy is physical stimulation and sensual is more mental stimulation. They may have the same result, just a different route to get there.

sexy v. sensual--good question tigers.

for me sexy can be physical and mental.

a look can be sexy, a way of standing can be sexy, a deep intelligent conversation can be sexy.

sensuality is truly a "sensing" thing.

so to say it's mentally stimulating is true--but we have 5 senses that can be gratified through sensuality.

the way a woman eats whip cream off of a peach slice can be sensually pleasing to our eyes--it can be sexy too.

the way a woman or man smells can be sensual.

the way someone says your name can be sensual.

a touch can be sensual and so can a familiar 'taste'. Wink

i think i differentiate between sexy and sensuality in the response im after. if im trying to arouse through sensing...its sensuality. if im trying to (or not trying to) arouse through mental or physical activity it can be sexy. i think they go hand in hand and can be happening at the same time.

a soft scent is the sensual part of the sexy dress and heels.