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Reply to "define 'sexy'..."

a generally well groomed man is sexy. meaning, nails cut short and clean and filed. hair neatly trimmed or kept up depending on the style (i.e dreds, twists).

a fresh scent...i think we talked about how some of us sneek smells of our men's scent when he's not with us. its so sexy to find a shirt of his or roll over onto his pillow and pick up his scent. if he wears cologne--wear it in moderation...less is best!!!

scientifically women are attracted to the "triangle" and while i don't specifically look for see a man with it is sexy. triangle=broad shoulders + narrow waist.

i think a brutha in a sharp suit is sexy..especially when he wears it like he knows he looks good, but acts like its just another suit.

super white tee shirts and worn in faded levis that fit well will forever be sexy.

women with great legs, short flowy feminine skirts and great heels are sexy

simple black dresses are sexy.

perfectly lined and glossed lips are sexy.

thats about does it for me on the physical...there are many more things on the intellectual/emotional side that i think are sexy...mtc