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Reply to "Dear Fox News: Please Stop Using Asians To Attack Black People"

That is the entire point of the notion of privilege.
You are not supposed to have same stuff, you not supposed to have the same experience, you not supposed to do the thing same things, one supposed to be better than the other.
Asians are all around better than us. They just are. Hell, they wrote a book about it. The Hymn of a Tiger Mom and etc. 
They go to jail less, they got more wealth, they actually own stuff unlike us, we just have jobs, they go school more, the got higher education and etc. 
Hell, they have more wealth and education than WHITE PEOPLE.
If the Asian got more wealth and education than Whites and they got more wealth and education than Blacks...than what do you call that? When the Asian is a way smaller minority than we are, then how the hell they get so ahead. We been here, a lot of them just got here.
Either they cracked the code of White supremacy or they are the Model Minority and they get a pass, just like the Italians and Irish did and we as American Africans, we just gotta get our asses kick for eternity by the European. 
What Bill O'Reily did is pretty much throw the Asian under the bus to dispel the concept White Privilege and the Asian writer is covering his or her got damn ass, pretty much saying...
"But they get us too..."
The Asian writer is playing a damn semantics game and trying to hid how ridiculously better than we are and how they don't face the same crap, by saying, "We don't have the same problems..."
Duh, that's whole point of the notion of privilege, it's about status differences, superior and inferior. If you have a better experience and way better way of life by all metrics, not based on feelings, than somebody else, by that notion, you are privileged. 
European Domination has a layers and a hierarchy, Asians are pretty damn up on the hierarchy as a buffer race between us and the European. There's a reason why the Asian swarm the African race and leech off of us no matter where we are, Africa, USA, the Caribbean, Western Europe; they have permission.Globally a lot of their groups are equal to the European and don't face domination. Well 100 percent of all African people are inferior to the European and face domination. 
I would say Asians are privileged. 
Originally Posted by sunnubian:

The premise of the article is that it is illogical to compare the Asian American experience to the African American experience to begin with, let alone only comparing the negatives withing African America to only the positives withing Asian America.  

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