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Reply to "Dear Fox News: Please Stop Using Asians To Attack Black People"


The article's argument is pretty illogical.


The notion of privilege is having the status higher than someone else or having power someone else doesn't.


By that definition there is something called Asian Privilege, if they have more wealth than us, more education than us, less arrests than us, and etc. 


The reason why White conservatives are comparing Asians to themselves to us is because they are saying...


"Being wealthy, having a two parent home, not being arrested, isn't privilege. It is called being law abiding and responsible. You Black people could be like the Asians if you emulate them."


This is why the Asian is the model minority of the European. They tend to do well everywhere they go. 


But Asian American is a bigger more diverse pan-ethnic group, so there all different groups of Asians in that definition. South East Asians can't be compared to East Asians and SouthWest Asians. And their cultures don't blend, nor do they live together. 


While African American, is mostly non Caribbean/Continental American Africans. We tend to blend in with Caribbeans. 



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