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Reply to "Dating Tips (For Men)"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Want dating tips that get straight to the point and aren't filled with sexist presumptions and stereotypes? Find out

Why Positive Self Talk is Important in Succeeding with Single Women

This article focuses on how important it is to say the right things in your mind to succeed with single women. It makes a big difference in what thoughts to feed your mind to improve your love life.

For instance, losers with women make up excuses in their minds by telling themselves, "I can't because..." To be a success with women you need to reverse this thinking and say in your mind, "I can or "I want to."

So, to sum it up, you need to create a new vocabulary to feed your mind positive affirmations. Here are a few examples:

1. Don't say, "I will try to meet some new women." Instead say, "I will meet some new women."

2. Don't say, "I will try to approach women that I'm attracted to." Instead say, "I will approach women that I'm attracted to."

3. Don't say, "I can't meet any women." Instead say, "I can meet any woman I desire."

In closing, don't focus on your past failures with women. The future is now and focus all your energy and attention on succeeding with women now. Never give up until you have reached your objectives in dating.

Thanks Rowe....