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Reply to "Danish Newspaper And Mohammed Cartoon"

Now that you know the truth what is your response, is it still the same, do you see the violence in the same light? peaceful protest were tried for nearly five months but white folk don't understand anything bt violence, so the response has turned to that.

And that's the rub as they say. Also, there is nothing comparable in terms of Christian symbols, as KRESGE suggested.

Considering what KRESGE said, what's to come of this:
I support their right to censure (express harsh criticism of the picture) but not to censor (control the press, speech, artistic expression). Free expression to my mind is integral to democratic society.

So, basically, people are allowed to completely, purposely and repeatedly desecrate and violate everything that's sacred to one group without reproach. Note: Symbols of Christ, no matter what the lay or particular Christians feel about them, just aren't as sacred. This is one of those things that don't translate from one language/culture to another.

Anytime you have FALSE or questionable images of Christ (i.e. White, GERMAN Jesus), not to mention images in the first place... then there is a lot less that is sacred about the Christ, Mary, etc. So, KRESGE, how you favored not sanctioning/censoring The SENSATION or whatever is really incompatible and doesn't make for a proper comparison. It just doesn't translate.

Again, what's suppose to come out of that process?