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Reply to "Danish Newspaper And Mohammed Cartoon"

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
I have no sympathy for that kind of bullshit. I can't stand the fucking anti-PC crowd that tries to hide racism and bigotry behind "freedom of speech". "Oh, we have freedom of speech to say what we want! That's what makes Western society great! Freedom of expression and exchange. And after all, sometimes the truth is ugly."

This reminds of the Republican/corporate media response to Joseph Lowery's comments about Bush yesterday. They're not saying anything about "free speech" there. Instead he's accused of using Mrs. King's death for political purposes.

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
Rev. Lowry also pulled no punches in pointing out that CSK and MLK were both victimized by domestic spying by the government.---Vox

The Republicans are trying to make this event about 'bashing Bush'.

What bottom-feeders!!

This reaction is a part of that European-American mentality that says African American-Americans are being disruptive, and inappropriate when we 'tell' what European-Americans have done, or are doing, to us.

It is 'bashing', it is 'truculent', it is disorderly; it is wrong for us to 'tell'.

After all, no good can come of such anti-social behavior.


It's only "free speech" when it expresses a pro-white/pro-USA/pro-corporate-power point of view.