Reply to "Dad accused of forcing son into field, killing him"

Quote by ER: "Yeah, but ... that was his son, Cholly!! His s-o-n!!"
There are millions of parents (male & female) out there who should have never, ever be parents at all and this guy was one of them.

Just consider all the baby daddies/mammas nationwide/worldwide who have chidren but have no intention of being, in anyway possible responsible/accountable for their children.


The woman who recently sold her baby for sex acts.

The young man in Florida who took his daughter, after an argument with the mother and threw her out of the window of his speeding car onto the Florida interstate.

The White girl in SC who drove her car into a lake and drowned her 3 kids, then tried to blame it on a kidnap by a black man.

The mother in Texas who drowned her 7 kids, one by one, in the bath tub.

Parents (especially fathers) who kill their entire family on the regular.

The list is extremely long and althought this act was in-your-face shocking, it's no different than the others who do it in a different way. Either way, it's execution; the children are killed.

Since the beginning of time, "parents" have sex (protected & unprotected), get pregeant everyday and have unwanted chidren and just because that unintentional/unwanted child is now in their lives, does not mean that there is/was unconditional love for them, if any at all. To those people, children are a life-long problem: probably an attack on their lifestyle(s), a unnecessary burden or whatever.

Many people (even over time) do not have the slightest skill set; the mental, emotional, physical & internal capacity to love or "learn to love" that/those unintended children.

Those people (and there is really no way of knowing until that child/children is born) should not be parents.

99.999% of the population can concieve (many abort: single or joint decision) but wanting & caring for children once they arrived? You just can't tell.

To me, it's like HIV. You can't tell just by looking at a person.

And if someone conducted a study of unwanted pregancies vs planned pregancies, i'll bet that unwanted pregancies skewed way higher.