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Reply to "Crime Cop Says Killing Black People Is Okay Because ‘It’s Not Against The Law To Put An Animal Down’"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:

But California is so liberal and blah blah blah blah




It's San Fransico!


Everybody is all peace and love and let live.




 I guess you haven't been paying attention (obviously you're excluding the black experience in San Francisco).


I can certainly see why a white person would feel that San Francisco is a place where everybody is all peace and love and let live. Yeah, right! LOL@you


case in point:


A San Francisco civil jury today ruled in favor of a white, former transit officer who fatally shot an unarmed, black man in an infamous killing captured on cellphone cameras.


The federal jury awarded no damages to the father of Oscar Grant III, killed by a single shot to the back from BART Officer Johannes Mehserle early on Jan. 1, 2009 in Oakland. *snip*




A Black man is suing the Bay Area Rapid Transit police over an August encounter that he said occurred because of racial profiling, when they took him down and arrested him because they assumed he was a harassing panhandler.


On Aug. 17, at 6:55 p.m., BART police arrested Albert James Burleson while looking for a panhandler who accosted a woman at Powell Station.


BART officers were looking for a bald Black man in a black shirt and black plants. The only part of the description of the woman’s harasser that matched Burleson was Black male.*snip*






San Francisco Cops Detain, Handcuff Men for Recording Rap Video in Public (Updated)


Yung Lott


San Francisco Cops Detain, Handcuff Men for Recording Rap Video in Public (Updated)





San Francisco police detained a large group of black men who were doing nothing but recording a rap video in public, ordering them on their knees, handcuffing them and emptying their pockets.



It is not clear from the 11:20 video, which shows the men singing and swaying in front of a video camera to a rap song, what probable cause police had to detain them.



One man was rolling a tobacco product, possibly a marijuana blunt, but that is not enough reason to detain an entire group of men and treat them like dangerous criminals.



But police came out of nowhere within 30 seconds into the video and demanded everybody place their hands up and get down on their knees. *snip*





Thousands of people gathered at The Embarcadero in San Francisco to celebrate the New Year and watch the annual fireworks show. Before midnight, however, a group of protesters also gathered in the middle of the festivities to protest against police brutality. 

Police in San Francisco kept a watchful eye to help facilitate the demonstrations. Things remained peaceful as protesters marched to the Ferry Building and up and down the sidewalk.

Protester Larry Everest said, "I hope thousands of people either join us or hold up a sign. At the stroke of midnight we're telling people, 'Hands up, don't shoot!' at the stroke of midnight!" *snip*


I'm just sayin'



Where's the peace and love and let live (you referred to) for black folks, huh?


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