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Creating Endorphins

What are some things that you do to make yourself feel better. I feel annoyed most of the time. Who knows what it's about. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never be supremely happy.

Screw it.

But anyway, when I'm feeling down, I have a few pick-me-ups. I luxuriate in a bubble bath.

Do my hair. Apply makeup. I do the whole nine yards, but it's very subtle. I cannot stand to look painted.

Korbel champagne is fun. And it's only like thirteen bucks a bottle. I will put a bottle of that in the fridge and let it get nice and cold.

Chocolates from a chocolatier are delightful. I've had Godiva chocolates, but I'm not impressed with them. I don't think they're worth $50 bucks a pound.

I buy hand-crafted chocolates from Forbes candy store and the ones I adore are 8.99 a pound.

I like seedless red grapes, crunchy, sweet apples. Brie or Jarlsberg cheese with crackers. Pepperidge Farms puts out a lovely speciality cracker that I like with fromage which is French for cheese.

I am trying to learn a foreign language. I bought all these stupid tapes and I would listen to them, but I can't master it.

In college, to meet distribution requirements, I took two semesters of French. I recall very little of what I studied.

Sometimes, I enjoy reading trashy novels. I tried reading Addicted by Zane. But I couldn't become entangled.

I like sipping wine or champagne while viewing looking movies likeSteel Magnolias, Pretty Woman. Fatal Attraction, Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

I loved that movie on Lifetime, The Betty Broderick Story. Betty's husband left her for a younger woman. Betty was understandably incensed and she just couldn't take the pain any longer and one night, she took a gun and drove to her ex's house and shot him and his new child bride to death.

I sympathize with Betty. She was WRONG to commit murder.

I know all too well what it feels like to be spurned and to experience insomnia. And to wake up angry.

I wouldn't kill another person, but I know what that kind of hurt can do to the spirit.

Betty should have sought out a spiritual adviser.

So, how do you make yourself feel sunny on your overcast days?

Cooking. I enjoy rattling the pots. I like making Chinese cuisine, shrimp lo mein, Almond chicken, orange chicken. I love making my own egg rolls and dipping them in duck sauce.

I love making spare ribs with plum sauce. I think mine tasty better than those take-out joints.

I also enjoy making my own pizzas.

The whole idea of making it myself is to eat what I want to eat and maintain a desirable weight.
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