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Reply to "Crazy Logic, and white guilt"

Yeah, I was there. Someone 'linked' me. I didn't see that crap. As you might imagine I won't be spending must time there.

Why would I waste my time with such stupidity?


So, the culpet(sp) and victim lay within your own ancestry, and not the ancestry of most white folks in the USA today. Unless the person is British, chances are the white persons ancestors never had any part in slavery. racerelations site

This is the crap European Americans have spewed for generations. What the poster does not say in his twisted example is that raping ancestor was his ancestor too.

He is saying the 'raping ancestor' was the child of a raping European slave owner. Further, that child of rape became ONLY yours.

Surely you recognize this as the Law of Slavery': The children of an African slave IS a slave AND is ONLY African.

European sperm may enter, but the issuing child is ONLY 'black', only African, only slave.

He's yours not mine.

Sadly, it is useless to waste such reasoning on the poster. He/she probably doesn't have the intellect to achieve that insight/understanding.


Jim chester