Reply to "Cowboy Laments Blacks' Lost Link to Rural Past"

This is..., or organization in New York City that called itself 'SHODEO'.

The organization is/was located in Long Island, and worked extensively with the New York City public schools.

The organization was owned, and operated by an African American guy who sported a huge handle-bar moustach, wore a huge (maybe 12-gallon) hat, and rode a magnificent palamino.

'SHODEO' presented a full range of rodeo events.

We booked the organization in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the summer of 1993,

It was magnificent!!!!!

The local newspaper sent a reporter.

No television stations responded to our news release, and advertising.

The newspaper photographer took pictures of many of the 16 troupe members.

Only two of the members were European.

Guess which members were pictured in the newspaper...on rearing horses.

Welcome to Northeast Pennsylvania.


Jim Chester