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Reply to "Cosby Emphasizes Importance of Parenting"

Nmaginate ...

You really need to quit telling me what I am "trying" to say, because you have and have never had ABSOLUTELY no clue what that is. And it's a safe bet you never will.

I said what I meant to say. There was no trying involved.

Now, what I meant by what I said is that since the time that Bill made his comments, numerous other people have said/written the same thing. Whether while agreeing with Bill's statement or while formulating a commentary of their own, other people, other than BILL COSBY himself have said the same thing. Period. I did not say anything about him being the first or "turning on any light bulbs."

I ask you again to please refrain from adding, subtracting, altering or insinuating anything concocted within your brain into my statement. It can't possibly be a correct interpretation. If you need further clarification, please ask and I will be more than happy to elaborate. But then again, I would prefer that you didn't.

No one denied that the problem existed.

Hmmm ... okay, so then, if you say that you do not deny that the problem does exist, but that when Bill says that, it is not a "relevant" truth -- (I direct your attention to your own words on Page 1) -- are you saying that it is a problem that does not matter? Confused