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Reply to "Cosby Emphasizes Importance of Parenting"

Eventually, with this kind treatment, no one ever again will be bold enough to say what's on their mind for fear that a mob of weak-willed people with fragile egos with try to tear them down at every turn.

Here is a man, who is boldly stepping out in the spirit of Malcolm X...
Laughable BULLSHIT!!!

ROWE both of the things I've highlighted are blatant mischaracterizations or utterly ridiculous and untenable assertions. The Spirit Of Malcolm X thing just takes the cake though.

Could you explain that one please?

And what exact message do I need?
It's not so much about me "agreeing" with what you've said. It's the inaccuracy of what you've said that makes it BULLSHIT!

But... surprise me. Explain how Cosby represents or "stepped out" in the Spirit Of Malcolm X. In what possible sense?

Explain how Malcolm X's speeches about self-reliance (White-washed into some "Personal Responsibility" BS) and NOI typical addresses about how we behave as a people (hmmm.... How is Farrakhan received when he makes similar convicting speeches today) were "unwelcomed" or otherwise not readily received.

Experience has taught me that those who become uncomfortable with a message...
Talk about WEAK...
Tell me what my experience has taught me about responses like yours?

Making assertions you can only make with unqualified ASSUMPTIONS. And, as for the first thing I quoted... you sure do love your sweeping claims. If you, Bill or anyone else needs support or a warm reception when you voice your views and will somehow be less than willing to voice them again when not "readily received" then that's the very definition of WEAK WILLED.

"no one ever again"
"try to tear them down at every turn."

Your choice of words (the exaggerations) speaks volumes about your sentiment/argument/position/thought.

Obviously, there is something that Malcolm X (and now Farrakhan) has that Bill doesn't. It's pretty freakin' obvious to me the difference.

"My people love me...

And yet, I point out the evils of Black people like no other leader does, but my people don't call me anti-Black, because they know I... love them."
- Farrakhan
Somehow, BILL is not communicating that. "Lower Economic" people, e.g., sure doesn't communicate love.
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