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Originally posted by FireFly:
Wish granted. The coffee house serves the finest coffee, has the most elegant and comfortable lounge chairs, and interesting and erudite clientele and staff. Khalliqa Coffee Houses mushroom across the planet. Wink

However, most of the authors die of hunger and poverty due to the paltry royalties and lack of revenue coming in via the coffee house/libary - as clients start to resent paying full price for books and will only pay for photcopies of small sections of the books, also the books become damaged and unsightly due to increase handling on shelves, coffee rings and sticky fingers.

~ ~ ~

My wish is that all software upgrades are bugless and free, and the computers they run on weight 50g, are pocket-size, wireless, have a built in phone, and a built-in 100Megapixel digital camera. This device also has a multi-language translator, a database of the best cafes and jazz clubs, and retails for $US5 and, is tax deductable.


These new superlightweight bugless, tax deductible voice/camera/phone pocket sized, multilanguage inexpensive computers and software are marketed heavily throughout Khalliqa's Coffeehouses thus boosting traffic and sales.. increasing her bottom line.. she reinvests the money makes a killing on the market and takes the extra to buy up real estate and charitably give back to every black person the 40 acres they deserve.. this pisses off white folk who start a race war.... but Khalliqa has taken a note from Nzingha... she feigns absence while gathering troops.... returns.. aligns all black people to position themselves at appointed stations throughout Europe, America and Australia and they successfully take over all of the Western world... through a plan that she executes via communication through the new super computer...


My wish:

That silk-cotton blend fabric was made more readily available..