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Originally posted by Saracen:

Granted, people all over the South awaken to find that Katrina was a dream, however they are awakened by the sounds of sirens warning the people of the sudden arrival of the world's first Hurricane at level 8. Three grades above Katrina, and the report goes on to say that the Hurricane is being pushed ashore by a Gigantic Tsunami...This Hurricane/Tsunami combo is called "the eraser".

My Wish,

I wish black men would do the right thing and pay their child support.


Granted black men in mass gain a collective consciousness, turn towards the women and children in their lives and begin supporting them financially... unfortunately they can only provide $1 a month because their financial stability was rocked to the core when the "eraser" hit...

My wish:

Black women in particular would stop justifying the need to keep toxic people in their lives....