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Reply to "Controversy Over Black Baby Jesus Shows Depiction of Christ Is Still a Politically-Charged Issue"

  Of course there is a political reason.  And it's a global one.  Massa had to represent a civil "god" ideology.  After the fact that he conquered near damn all of the world at his peak time in history, he stole everything else.  Why not adopt christianity.  Surely, since during the Roman days-their world of pederasty, war and slavery were collapsing because of their missing empathy for women.  Their whole kingdom like many others during their day was based on the praise of the male form.    Sodomy ruled their nation [and in many places around the world still do ] as it ruled Greece-when both countries were at one time the most powerful empires in the world.  And it all began there.  The greatest thieves in the world.  Yet the full story isn't told but if you study these particular groups it will tell you WHY christianity was needed against the rest of the world during that time that both power nations indulged in slavery and mygosny[sp] -can never spell this word right.  I'm not referring to African slaves when I say slavery during the time of the Roman and Greek Empires.  Slavery for Africans came later.

And so the whole story of Jesus birth.  It is the exact duplicate of Egyptian's  Isis, Orisis and Horus trinity which massa turned into the father, the son and the holy ghost[god] UNREALISTIC canon from the scripture strolls he stole from the Egyptian mysteries.  Cuz it's really the spiritual symbol for the mother, the father and the child trinity.  Yes this is in an  in depth situation of our truth but  we must always keep this open for view for our generations to they will  KNOW about and ponder on its value.  But revealing this truth in some black communities is like beating a dead horse-no one black wants to hear it.  Not even black preachers.  Cuz they have brought into this fairy tale white savior persona.  Why?  It benefits them cuz they can subliminally go behind the wall of their spiritual cloth and commit heinous sexual crimes against innocent children without being reprimanded.

 So.  Black people need to discuss at the dinner table what happened during the Alexandria meeting in Egypt where three major religious leaders agreed to split and adopt portions of those Egyptian scripture as their own.  And they must discuss WHY the baby Jesus is so significant where the color of the his skin is so important.  Black people must also  relearn WHY there is rivalry between the Jews and Arabs.  Why massa always has to be in the middle of their disputes.  And why during the December soltice violence in supposed holy places increases- cuz it's all connected to the original period when the Wisdom of Egypt or Sophia Mysteries were divided among the three major monster slavers of the world.  The Jew, The Arab and the European.  And their rise is also connected to the downfall of the matriarchal rule which "man" denies existed prior and before his climb to power.  

This religion arrangement is confirmed with the exception of ancient countries in Asia that back then and  now still follow the teachings of the Buddha[which I think is a black woman-another debate one day]; Hinduism[which I think is the extension of the tribes of massa in Eurasia] and then of course the pagan religions which also consists of the worship of goddess/gods.  But the distinction between those entities of God/Goddess and that of Egyptian God/Goddess is that Egyptian's ethereal principal  system included the participation of the entire civilization on a personal intimate level as opposed to caste type religion system of worship-which is why the three main religions became more appealing or readily accepted more by every day individuals. [For various reasons of power....especially the religion in which women are still enslaved.]   But unfortunately, it was during the social take over of parts of North Africa that the transformation of Egyptology  turned  christian/islam/judah emerged... full force.  The lie formulated and It couldn't be stopped.  Cuz by then the conquered under this seize had no power.  These populations couldn't prevent the three main monster slavers from usurping their spiritual, cultural and intellectual identity.  

Additionally, the black baby in the manger causes a heat debate because of the white wash of the story of Isis and Horus-the real Mary and Jesus story that every christian wants to believe.  But if a real chistian review pictures of this madonna and child fork lore over hundreds of years  in other countries, they will see the color transition of both mother and baby. [Not trying to do a paper up in here,,,,but this is another one of my fav topics to ponder].  As  a matter if you look at ancient religious artifacts from old world countries you will see dark skinned figures including the original statue of "venus" and of course various dark figurines of mother and child...especially  in  christian places like Poland, Spain etc.  And what you will see in those places? A BLACK baby...not a white one.  They know something we don't? 

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This is why we need to teach our children extensive black history beyond the stories of the new world.  They need to know Africa front and back.  Cuz they need to be able to critically think when they are approached with something they feel not true-feel goes against logic and reasonable thinking.  They need to be able to go back to the source and point out the fallacy with confidence.  For once and for all we need to talk about this yall.  Cuz it's been nothing but LIES LIES LIES.  As why for many, thinking in these false religious uniform is not working.  You can't look a person...another human being like you...stare straight  in the eye and say you believe in God then blow his head off or chop his head off merely because he/she doesn't see the world  like you.  Cuz that it is  a LIE what you think gives you a RIGHT to take another person's life-just cuz he/she disagrees with your perception.  That's not religion.  That's politics and shows clearly what this LIE of religion has done to our world.   It has for the most part caused patriarchal man to become as violent, wild, inhumane,  and destructible as his neanderthal ancestor....whose DNA existence to this day is still here because of the rare meeting of the homo sapien [that would be US].   Our children needs to know this.  And then maybe that gap of low self-esteem will fill the void of self-awareness and give them the strength to continue the fight for the black cause and most importantly the fight to resurrect our spiritual, cultural and intellectual identity.    

BTW:  In ancient systems of spirituality in old world countries, there are an abundance of "black" artifact depicting some form of worship.  And many of these artifacts are deemed "feminine." And this is why I believe to the core of my being that they are lying about the Buddha and therefore lying about other major entities in the world's  spiritual belief dynamics.  And because of these lies man has been met with constant CIVIL unrest for hundreds of years.  Cuz the biggest lie is that religion is a free vessel for the mind to travel  and discover self. The truth is religion has been the prison for that mind and has caused it not to wander but to enslaved its soul. And without a soul?  There is no self.  I know I know too much info.  But!  

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