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Reply to "Constructive Feedback Is Right!!"

either something is fed you by a white conservative god, or it is wrong. How curious that your concern for "black babies" evaporates at birth. Where is your care for them as you withold healthcare, education, due process under the law, equality of opportunity, etc., etc., etc.?

And YOU seem to know the talking points of the WHITE SOCIALIST rather well.

You see MBM - you have an open ended heart. You and other fundamentalist believe that you have MORAL SUPERIORITY because you stand for PROVIDING MAXIMUM BENEFIT FOR THE MASSES. How touching.

You fail miserably when it comes to the concept of EXPECTING SOMETHEM FROM THE POOR.

My wife and I COULD have a 3rd, 4th or even 8th baby. We know that by doing so it would impact us financially, time-wise, housing-wise and healthcare-wise.

In seeking to MAINTAIN OUR STANDARD OF LIVING we therefore take proper precaution to prevent another pregnancy. Many of my male friends who have similar concerns have gone under the knife. (Not the kid though. I am a breeder for life - if I choose).

You see the core problem with you, my friend Kevin and many others is that in your QUASI-SOCIALISM you NEED TO ALWAYS STAY NEAR TO A POPULATION OF PEOPLE WHO ARE PRODUCING THE RESOURCES for you to make use of to obtain the STANDARD OF LIVING that you wish to bestow upon the people THAT YOU ASK NOTHING OF.

(I will stop right here and allow you to think about this and have Kewli or anyone else refute this).

YOU WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER accomplish the permanent fix that you have planned for the poor masses BECAUSE YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HAVE THEM TO MAKE MAXIMUM USE OF THEIR POTENTIAL. You see your job as being INSERVICE TO THEM, bringing them resources for them to live.

As you stand for a photo op in front of a center that was constructed for their use USING FUNDS THAT WERE GENERATED BY SOMEONE ELSE'S SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC CREATION it is YOU who receive the thanks and the glory. THEY HATE THE PEOPLE WHO'S FUNDS MADE THE CENTER HAPPEN. You are the conduit. You win their praise and loyalty.

The day that you fear most is when the people who create the wealth DEPART FROM YOU. Your entire plan falls to the ground.

You say:
due process under the law
equality of opportunity

I AM FOR IT BROTHER. These are COMMON GOALS that we both can agree on.


Healthcare - do you ask them to live "healthy lifestyles" so that this may one day be realized or is it born out of GOVERNMENT services?

Education - same thing. Is "quality education" expressed in the construction of buildings, teacher salaries and brand new text books - just like de White folks have OR it is a COMMUNITY AFFAIR? (See The New Haven Charter shool and learn what an EDUCATIONAL COMMUNITY that is taking place in an impoverished community looks like. Darn - not a regular public school - not acceptable)

Due Process Under The Law - A court system can "Due" in relation to how busy it is. What happens when you are a policeman, a public defender a DA, a judge when you see the SAME individuals who come through your system on a monthly basis? THEY DON'T RESPECT YOUR LAWS. Getting locked up for a hot minute is just the rules of the game. Do you think that these policemen, PD, DA or judges can lift the community up into respecting the law and improving the "Due Process?" (Oh no. I just BLAMED THE VICTIM.) MBM - DO You believe that you have "Due Process" where you live? Or is it a "Black thang" to have it be denied to you?

Equality of Opportunity? - On another Black oriented message board that I participate in one guy told me how he just opened a new "Subway" shop. He hired a BLACK contractor to do the interior. His entire staff is BLACK. In his mind do you think that he has "Denied Opportunity" to non-Blacks or provided opporunity to BLACKS? (Worse yet do you figure that any Whites CARE what he did as they are not DEPENDENT on the jobs that he has to offer - they have their own.)

Please tell me which one is it MBM - should Blacks seek to DO BUSINESS WITH OTHER BLACKS and hire other BLACKS or should we advocate for TOTAL INTEGRATION where a person is hired, contracted or housed REGARDLESS OF HIS RACE?