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Reply to "Constructive Feedback Is Right!!"

The sad part about it is TWO PARTS:

1) So many of us PROVE THEM WRONG - per the incidents in Milwaukee, DC and where the beatdown took place

and worst of all

2) Black people like YOU will go out of their way to DEFEND them. They will begin to understand how things work. They do whatever and then count on the "Slavery Did It" crowd like you to defend their actions.

The SAMBO music that put forth certain messages only reinforces this.

Kevin - Let me ask you - which FORCE do you think plays a larger part in the relatively low number of Black people who enter college each year:

a) The Proposition 209 type policies that elimate AA

b) The CULTURE that these students grow up in which is so often allowed to stray off course and snatch up an increasing number of Black people with the baseline intelligence to do otherwise but for the conditioning that they face?