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Reply to "Constructive Feedback Is Right!!"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:
Of course I expect MBM to follow up with a reply to the effect that "I am right" that Black people are savages or thugs or something foolish such as this.

To the people of Washington DC who have defended Marion Barry, seeing him as a victim of a conspiracy by Whites who don't want him in power, working on behalf of the poor in DC this must be tantamount to Rosa Parks getting robbed in her home despite asking the thug "Do you know who I am" and he not caring.

Things are NOT going to change in these communities by:

1) Blaming Black conservatives for everything
2) Pointing to how the police have beaten Blacks as well
3) Lobbying to insure that the Democrats increase their Black vote to 95% up from 90%
4) Telling us that these boys were damaged due to Slavery's legacy

The mound of dirt that so many of you have swept under the carpet is now becoming so high that you can no longer walk around it. It must be dealt with.

You all are so used to ATTACKING a problem rather than MANAGING a problem toward a fix. Now that the problem is WITHIN - what are you going to do (besides blaming the outsiders for FAILING these "insiders")?

I was at a bar right after "Katrina" and I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that said on the front "F.... George Bush". On the back it said "We all we got".

You all make heavy use of the FRONT OF THE SHIRT.


There will be no less than 100 people who suffer the same fate that Marion Barry did somewhere in the USA today. Their lack of noteriety will prevent their story from being told.

So...will things change as a result of your strategy....which is:

1) Blame everything on black liberals
2) Ignore incidents of police brutality and racism against blacks
3) Lobbying to increase the number of blacks who don't vote democratic.
4) Ignoring that the present is the summation and creation of the past.

5) being an UNCLE TOM or a white man pretending to be black

how does that strategy HELP?