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Reply to "**Constantine: The Father of Christianity[With Just A Hint of Paganism!]??**"

A few years ago, I talked about St. Augustine as a part of a presentation celebrating Kwanzaa. I mentioned the African popes of the Catholic Church and St. Augustine noting that he was African, as was his mother.

I didn't know she revered and called 'Mother Something'.

A member of the audience was the head of a local agency and a 'biggie' in the lay membership if the a large Catholic congregation.

He was pissed.

When I finished he approached and wanted to know where did I get my information that St. Au-GUS-time was 'black', and certainly ther is nothing to indicate that "Mother what-her-face' was 'black'.

'Just where did you get that from?'

I told him part of it was from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

He left; very energized.


Jim Chester