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Reply to "Conspiracy Theorists: What's With the Ports?"

The Bush Family and the anomaly called Al-Quaidas are thick as thieves.

Starting with the daddy, they've been shaking hand, hugging-kissing and cutting snide little back table deals for decades with the Saudis....!

Doesn't anyone remember Fahrenheit 911?

I'm not a bit surprised to hear of this new development.


It's all a dayum facade anyway.

1. the gub'ment doesn't run shit. the two-party game covers up the
Hegalian Dialectic system--the real operative at work 24/7.
2. the feveral reserve system is really the feudal reserve system.
3. the 7 families who really run the world think of "us" common folk as
cattle and plan to stock "all" wooded areas with wild life from
central America. And it you ain't out you food! -- it's called
biodiversity, I've presented the facts at this forum.
4. democracy really means demo-republic. A little bit of democracy and
and a little bit of republic. Thomas Jefferson said so! A prime
example is your so-Called voting right. (i.e. the popular vote gives
the quasi-appearance that you are participating in the process--when
actually the pre-chosen selection has already been made....
5. weather modification by the gub'ment is a reality. Katrina was
crafted, planned from start to finish. What clusterd area of black
people will HAARP strike next?

Al-Quaida is about as real and alive as the "civil rights movement"!!!
It's a front skem to build/fester/maintain fear over the American people--and from all accounts it seems to be working very effectively....

Bush could care less about this corporation called a country. And he is giving it away piece by piece while pulling to wool over "your" eyes...