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Reply to "Conspiracy Theorists: What's With the Ports?"

I've got ta get faster at posting sh!t when I first find it.

Someone posted an article on Fox News' website about Bush's support of the UAE deal. Linked to the story was a "Related Stor[y]" captioned "Bin Laden May have UAE Ties."

The article talked about UAE being owned by the Dubai Government, one of 3 world governments that recognized the Taliban rule of Afghanastan and OBL's connection to the Taliban as well as his personal connection to the Dubai ruling family.

Shortly after the post, Fox News changed the orginal story and removed the link.

Here's the post that got me going. It's a screen shot of Fox's website from yesterday. [Just so ya'll don't think I made this all up, like some of our less intellectually vigorous members do when trying to make a point]

Here's Fox's website today

Like I said:

It's a helluva lot easier to slip a dirty bomb, or even a nuc, in a place if your the one guarding the door.

Problem is they jumped the gun on this story, it was supposed to come out shortly after "the event"; thus racheting up the need to continue "war on Terror", i.e., disregard for the Constitution, and a continuation of imperialistic military [mis]adventures.
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