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Reply to "Conspiracy Theorists: What's With the Ports?"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Conspiracy Theorists #1's response:

To facilitate another "galvanizing Pearl Harbor event." And, I'm talking about a big "event." [BTW, I searched PNAC's website, it appears they have redacted the Pearl Harbor reference] It's a helluva lot easier to slip a dirty bomb, or even a nuc, in a place if your the one guarding the door.

But I think the strategy is not so much to lead us into another military adventure, which I am sure that will follow; but rather to lead to the establishment of an open police state, i.e., dictatorship.

The "new Pearl harbor" reference is still there, Kweli... It's on page 63 of the PDF file, page number 51 by the document's actual count.

But I just wanted to make sure that I was on a reasonably logical path with this. If the rest of the people in Congress allow this to happen, it is my cue that these wackos have taken complete control of the government.

What kind of country will be left for them to control? Like Blaqfist insinuates, do they even care?