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MBM, obviously you have been listening to Malcolm X on this topic. I feel as if this is something that black people have been consistently warned about and this is why Malcolm X was really killed. I also believe that his ties to various revolutionaries around the world and his plans to have black soldiers from Vietnam train freedom fighter armies in Africa was another motivation to have him knocked off. Were you aware that up to 75% of the Special Forces troops early in Vietnam were black? He definitely had the know how and black frustration to be able to pull this off.

The interesting thing is that there are a lot of Special Forces units that are mostly all White now.
    The author of Black Hawk Down is aware of the problem with these "elite, superior, special forces": they are all white. But he doesn't deal with what that elite whiteness means, or where it leads. The American elite forces couldn't perform their central role in Somalia – to protect the oil business – because they were white racists, untrained and unable to relate to a humanitarian mission in Africa, even when corporate money was involved. The House Armed Services Committee laid the problem on the line the following year, 1994, in a comprehensive report on the state of racial affairs within the US military – An Assessment of Racial Discrimination in the Military: a Global Perspective, 30 December 1994, US Government Printing Office.

    The committee sent investigators to 19 military bases at home and abroad, where they interviewed 2,000 randomly selected GIs. They found that overt racism was "commonplace" at four of the bases, and that inadequate training in racial awareness was a widespread problem.

    Another task force, which investigated organised racism in the US Army, said the problem was particularly serious in all-white, so-called "elite" and "Special Operations" units. Such racial separatism could lead to problems, its report warned, because it "foster[s] supremacist attitudes among white combat soldiers". (The Secretary of the Army's Task Force Report on Extremist Activities, Defending American Values, 21 March 1996, Washington DC, page 15.)
    Black Hawk Down: Shoot first, don't ask questions afterwards
RACISM in the Ranks