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Originally posted by MBM:
You are absolutely correct. It is not an accident that there are drugs in our communities, that a huge portion of our men are in jail, and that we have access to sub-standard housing, education, food, health care etc.
Do you honestly believe there's some active conspiracy that has "caused" all that?

Black people have brought all of that on themselves. You can't blame White people or "The Man" for those things. It's Black people's fault. There are no secret club or handshakes going on. No group of White people are snickering as they rub their hands saying, "Everything is going according to plan!"

Just like Willie Lynch is a MYTH, "The Man" is a myth too!

Black people need to stop trying to blame their problems on any one else but themselves. Black people are their own worst enemies! Roll Eyes

(Did I miss anything? Big Grin)