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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

Originally posted by Major Barber:
I will be honest. I am a subscriber to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly websites.

But the person who converted me to a conservative was the "First Black President," Bill Clinton.

During the years of Clinton,
1) I saw my taxes raised and the president tell me that he knew better how to spend my money (1993).
2) I saw my president tell me that we will only be in Kosovo for a year back in 1996. I went once in 1998 and was scheduled to go in 2002. What happened to the year.
3) I know that this is a sore point, but infidelity is wrong and no I am not pure. Having sex with you intern is just wrong (1998).
4) Yes, Rush did abuse pain killers, but I have listened to him for over 14 years now and he has rarely been wrong and no he is not racist. Listen instead of parroting!

I could come up with a longer laundry list of what this president is doing wrong.

War in Kosovo is worse than War in Iraq? NEGRO PLEASE! (I'm sorry, you made that one come out upset)