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Reply to "Conservative Idiots" it Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, or otherwise.....

.....the Black community is being looked upon as being insignificant, perverted, criminal, sleazy, wreckless, backwards, un-American, treasonous, self destructive, poverty stricken, social welfare dependent, bigotted, lazy, hateful, uncaring, selfish, useless, begging, continuously playing the race card, etc., ...... outlook that has more to do with a ethnic group's financial status, holdings, consumer spending power, business ownership, competency, criminal tendency, attitude, etc....

....than racism.....

......and Hispanics, Koreans, and/or other ethnic groups, tend to be more supportive of each other, and more willing to live together in apartments, homes, or otherwise, such that they share the expenses of renting or buying, be it for renting an apartment, buying a home, and/or purchasing a business.

Heck, by and large, before killing each other when faced with poverty conditions, Latinos will live like sardines in a can, and make sacrifices to stretch their meager income, and before long, the next thing you know they have saved enough money to purchase a building, a business, etc.

Slim chance exists where Black people will live two in room, without a disagreement, a falling out, etc. More or less, all this talk of circulating Black dollars, and Black unity, is just talk, be it from those in poverty, to those of affluence, as it applies to our Black middleclass, and/or our inept elected officials, which more or less is making it very easy for any outsider, or group of outsiders willing to make the necessary sacrifices, and/or willing to pool their resources, to take over any community formerly predominated by Black people.

Furthermore, be it the Rampart Scandal, the atrocities of a "Killer/Butcher King", and/or otherwise, Hispanic representatives, Hispanics in positions of influence, and/or the Hispanic people are more apt, or willing to sue government for redress when violated, (and less likely to commit acts of treason to keep their people in poverty, distress, and/or otherwise) which is yet another source of lawful revenue, revenue to the tune of multi-mega bucks.

In addition to their numbers, Hispanics also have the purchasing power, to which Corporate America, is not about to overlook.

The Black community must become much more competitive as it concerns "free enterprise", in the best interest of its' own future survival.

..and today there is definitely a advantage to be bilingual. In many cases, to speak more than one language is rewarded and considered a plus, as it pertains to any area composed of so many immigrant groups, such as the State of California, Texas, and/or any other State with such a large number of immigrants. In many cases California Public School teachers are expected to be bilingual.


Michael Lofton
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