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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

courtesy of democratic underground

Condoleezza Rice

    George W. Bush gave Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a very important job last week. According to the Financial Times:

    President George W. Bush on Wednesday announced that the State Department would lead all US post-conflict reconstruction, a move that supersedes the controversial decision to give that task to the Pentagon in Iraq following the 2003 invasion. ... A former senior official involved in what he called the "chaos" of post-war reconstruction efforts in Iraq said yesterday's announcement also affirmed the growing power and influence of Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state.

    Ah yes, those "chaotic" postwar reconstruction efforts. Now who was in charge of those again...? Let me see here... (cue wobbly visuals and bleepy keyboard music as we travel back in time)
    USA Today, 10/6/2003:
    President Bush is giving his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, the authority to manage postwar Iraq and the rebuilding of Afghanistan. ... Rice will head the Iraq Stabilization Group, which will have coordinating committees on counterterrorism, economic development, political affairs and media messages.

    Huh. So... how did that work out?

    Washington Post, 5/18/2004:
    With all the chaos and uncertainty in Iraq, this would be a good time to call on the White House's Iraq Stabilization Group. At least it would have been a good time to call on the Stabilization Group if the group itself had not become, er, unstable. ... Critics of recent U.S. actions in Iraq, including some within the White House, said the destabilized Stabilization Group is a metaphor for an Iraq policy that is adrift as U.S. ambitions in the country are thwarted by an insurgency and a prisoner-abuse scandal.

    I can't wait for Dubya to announce that he's got this great new guy called Mike Brown to run FEMA.

    Incidentally, Condoleezza Rice also said last week that "I should remind people we are there [in Iraq] under a U.N. mandate." Really? UN Secretary General Kofi Annan thinks differently; he's called the invasion of Iraq "illegal" and "not in conformity with the UN Charter." I guess someone must have their wires crossed.