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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

Originally posted by Isome:
Yet another absurdity:
    Back in June of this year, William C. Bradford, an associate professor at Indiana University School of Law, claimed that he had been discriminated against by a faculty committee. Bradford was a Special Forces major who fought in Desert Storm and Bosnia, and was awarded the Silver Star. He said the committee had voted against him for tenure because they were liberals who didn't like his military service.

    Bradford did radio interviews, appeared on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly, and was championed by David Horowitz. According to the Indianapolis Star, "He wore a Silver Star lapel pin around campus. He had a major's gold-leaf insignia plate on his vehicle."

    And last week he resigned from Indiana University because it turns out that, funnily enough, he wasn't actually a Special Forces major at all, nor did he win a Silver Star in the first Iraq war. In fact, Bradford was a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves. He was in military intelligence, never saw active duty, and was not awarded any medals.

    But hey, I guess this is all the fault of those evil liberal professors who just hate veterans. They probably forced him to wear that Silver Star pin, put that major's plate on his car, and made him lie about his service record. Because it can't possibly be William Bradford's fault.

I beat you to that one ISOME. Wink Posted it to the thread about the collegiate liberal conspiracy. Sorry.