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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"


They don't care... tis' true, tis' true!

Does anyone remember Shannon Reeves - repug from California with long locs, and a local NAACP head?

His name was mentioned a lot when Chimpy first got elected and they needed to add to the illusion of a growing Black conservative contingency. At the time, the hype was that Shannon would be big in politics soon and we should all look out because the conservatives were on the march.

Needless to say, he hasn't become big, yet. But the reason may be because despite Shannon's fervent belief in integrating the GOP and plowing ahead despite opposition (racism), he ran into some opposition (called the TRUTH about what the GOP really thinks of you) that ended his meteoric rise.

Here's the story:

    It started out as another boneheaded statement. But unlike other situations where apologies were offered and accepted (or not), this has escalated into what now is being called a "feud".

    A couple of weeks ago Bill Back, candidate for California Republican Party chairman, was outted by the Associated Press for a belated political email he sent including an essay written by Bill Lind of the Center for Cultural Conservatism. It said in part, "Given how bad things have gotten in the old USA, it's not hard to believe that history might have taken a better turn. The real damage to race relations in the South came not from slavery, but from Reconstruction, which would not have occurred if the South had won."

    Okay. Again I'm suspect why the press would dig up an email that was around two years old and make a big deal about it now. I do believe in Republican character assassination, especially in the aftermath of the Trent Lott saga.

    The California Black Republican Council ...called for Back's withdrawal from his chairman run. There was silence, until ...

    Randy Ridgel, member of the California Republican Party Board of Directors, ...publicly responded to Shannon Reeves, the only black member of the board and president of the Oakland chapter of the NAACP ...

    "I, for one, am getting bored with that kind of garbage. Let me offer this suggestion to Mr. Reeves: 'Get over it, bucko. You don't know squat about hardship.' I personally don't give a damn about your color ... so stop parading it around. We need human beings of all human colors in our party to pull their weight, so get in without the whining or get out."


    Not that Shannon Reeves needs anyone to defend him, but I'll let Mr. Ridgel's statement speak for itself as I put in my two cents.

    Nobody is asking for tears or sympathy, Mr. Ridgel. But there is a dynamic you just don't seem to get, and quite frankly based on your tone, wouldn't expect you to get.

    Black Republicans, unlike black people in America, can be called (not necessarily in this order), house nigger, Uncle Tom, sell-out, "trying to be white", just for agreeing with conservative principles. Something that Mr. Ridgel probably doesn't go through everyday. Liberals of all colors and races can use these epithets without criticism and in fact, are sometimes applauded for doing so.

    So he can be bored with this "garbage", but when a candidate for party chairman sends out materials that make it harder for us to not only defend the integrity of the party, but ourselves for our ideological choice, it is an issue.

    According to published reports, Ridgel agrees with the Lind essay...

    Ridgel has even offered to resend the Lind email and dares people to "to come after me. You sure as hell won't see me apologize to these turkeys."

    According to Ridgel, Back said it "was horribly destructive to the party" to parley the matter publicly. Mr. Back, take that up with the Associated Press. Someone there waited years to dig this up and let you have it. But your boy Ridgel needs to be reigned in because he's not helping your situation.

    "For the good of the party, he is not going to defend himself in public," Ridgel said of Back. "If he feels that way, I'm sticking with him."

    Reeves mentioned incidents at the 2000 Republican national convention in Philadelphia, where delegates asked him six times to "fetch them a taxi or carry their luggage."

    Ridgel has called Reeves "a bombastic gasbag" and bashed him for writing "a lengthy whining letter explaining how awful it is to be a black Republican."

    ]"Your sniveling letter makes me sick, young man; you are a superstar because you are a black Republican, and you love it. Now I wonder if you can make it as just a Republican ... like the rest of us. And don't try any of that Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters racist garbage on me."

    Well, at least there are consistencies in life. What I love about the First Amendment is the ability to know who your friends are and who are your enemies.

    And you can clearly see why to call the Republican Party in California the minority party is an understatement. These are the people who run the show. These are the people who claim to want "inclusion". I've always criticized candidates who've said the GOP needs to be more inclusive. That statement implied they haven't been.

    And now I'm man enough to apologize to them because apparently, I've been wrong. Thank you, Mr. Ridgel, for setting me straight. ...

Let me point out what some of us have said for a very long time: Black repugs are put up front and made into stars precisely because they are the black face on atrocious policies for our community. The white folks smell their neediness, their desire to be seen as special and their desperation to be part of the winning team. And, they use it to their advantage. Need-to-grows are very sad folks.