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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

Originally posted by Isome:

In discussing today's political situation, I've often heard the saying, "people get the government they deserve." I agree.

The price of freedom (democracy) is not war and relinquishing our civil liberties, it is our time and attention. The average citizen uses the vagaries of life and the minutiae of day-to-day living as excuses for not being at a minumum aware of, and active in, politics. The result is wholesale apathy, ignorance and cynicism about the process.

Too small a percentage of the masses consider that their lives could be greatly improved if they stood up so that the elites couldn't stand on their backs and ride them into prosperity and power. Many hold the opinion that large scale corruption will happen anyway and there is nothing they can do about it; they don't think of how many more of us than there are of them, and that their acquiesence, if not outright complicity, makes that corruption possible.

This is a democratic republic, but without the participation of the masses it will cease to exist.

Exactly, Isome!

But the idea that " they don't think of how many more of us than there are of them " is not a random one. This idea is promoted with design and intent. The idea is to have everyone believe that they are alone and that there is something wrong with them if they think, "Is this all there is to life, sitcoms and sports and electronic toys?"

People in our form of democracy must be isolated, segregated, and left to feel alone. Otherwise, they might start to organize and that's really threatening to the people who own everything. People might actually want to become participants in the political process, they might become more than just spectators.

In our form of democracy, organization is discouraged and even illegal in some cases. This is a trademark of a totalitarian state. Organization only causes trouble.

The last clear legislative victory for organized labor was the Wagner Act in 1937. That scared the hell out of those who own America and since then they've spent millions on PR designed to destroy a very rich working class culture. In that, they succeeded.

In the 1960s, organization scared them again with the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-War movement. The people who own America and their intellectual minions whose job is to explain everything to the "bewildered herd" even had a name for it. They called it "a crisis in democracy". Again, they poured millions into propaganda and PR to portray the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-War movement as "un-American" and anti-American".

These ideas are not new or original. They've been around for awhile. It is thought control through the use of PR and propaganda. There is no clearer example then the propaganda campaign of the Bush administration beginning in October of 2002 and leading to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.