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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

Originally posted by Michael:
Originally posted by Isome:
General Comment:

I consider someone a conservative loser who will not help his momma pay the $5k she owes, and posts constantly on a messageboard how well he's doing in life. I mean, come on!

The woman has to go in front of LA regional officials to beg for injunctive relief, while the half-wit brags about his 20-year gubamint job.

....too bad, neither an Empty Purnata, an Isome, a Kevin41, or otherwise can make erroneous mistatement of facts, a fact.

.....but on another note, a reality that surely fits....

...more likely the Black community's time is up, because the longer that misfits, traitors, liars, criminals, and/or sleazy individuals are praised, the shorter will be the life of the Black community. In the interest of my own survival, and/or others within my circle of relatives, close friends, etc., I have distanced myself from this reality, by disassociating my life from Black people who fit this description to the letter.

Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke is an idiot, a traitor, a university educated fool, unfit to hold elected office, a carpet-bagger, a liar, and many Black people who live in South Central Los Angeles have nicknamed her "Brentwood Burke". This being said that pdf file is nonsense, and the misguided words of an Isome, and the two bit pompous excuse for a university professor Kevin41 are also worthless.

Case #C895188 is also of public record, where the defendants being the Los Angeles Unified School District, through the Los Angeles County Counsel have admitted guilt to each every allegation as charged. Since when do the defendants, the defendants being the County of Los Angeles, have the right to demand payment from a plaintiff, when clearly the Los Angeles Unified School District has been proven to be criminal in every way in civil court, as documented by Los Angeles Superior Court case #C895188. The very day that I violate the law by speeding, Felony Hit and Run, or otherwise, to which the government would be the plaintiffs, and I the defendant, to which the government would be responsible for all payment of my criminal violations would be the day that this would be true, meaning it won't happen....

.......the exception being the Black community, where this would be a possibility because the Black middleclass although university educated, either don't know, or don't care as to what they are doing, in that perverted activity is honored, and/or praised by so-called university educated individuals from the Black communty. The Black middleclass who believe falsehoods are the problem, and not the Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Lofton, and/or the Lofton family.

Plenty of proof exists to prove that Michael Jackson is a Child Molestor, Jesse Jackson is a thief, etc., etc., the Black community just happens to be an ignorant community to which misfits, traitors, and criminals are praised while individuals worthy of praise are kicked to the curb, thrown to the wolves, ignored, subjected to unwarranted character assassination, etc.

This being said, I have no reason to respond to any two bit lying pompous excuse for a university professor, be it in a Kevin41 or otherwise.

...and Internet Technology sure beats the "Hell" out of the old "Snail Mail" method of circulating information!


Michael Lofton

Too bad Lofton can only repeat the same talking points over and over again!