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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

George W. Bush... loser loser loser
    What's it like to be the captain of a sinking ship? Ask George W. Bush, whose political fortunes went from bad to worse to plain atrocious last week. First, our Great leader gambled that a campaign appearance with Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore would push Kilgore over the top, thus causing pundits to flagellate themselves in an orgy of repentance while crying from the rooftops that George W. Bush is BACK!!!

    Bush was most complimentary of Kilgore. "I hope you'll work hard tomorrow to call up your friends and neighbors, and tell them they have a duty in this democracy of ours to vote..." he told the crowd. "Tell them if they want good government - good, solid, sound conservative government - to put this good man in the governor's chair in Richmond."

    "See, I know a man of character and integrity," Bush continued, "and he's standing right next to me. And that's Jerry Kilgore ... The thing I like about this fellow is he grew up in Virginia, and he grew up on a small farm. That means he's a down-to-earth person. He doesn't have a lot of fancy airs. That's the kind of guy you want to represent you, a person who understands how the common man thinks..."

    Bush is of course an expert on this subject, considering that he:

  • Comes from Connecticut
  • Has an Ivy League education
  • Once owned a Major League Baseball team
  • Vacations at a private compound in Kennebunkport...
  • on a yacht,
  • with champagne and caviar!!

    But I'm getting off the subject. The point of all this is that once the people of Virigina had done their duty in this democracy of ours, Jerry Kilgore was left in the dust by his opponent Tim Kaine. In 2004 Virigina went for Bush by 8 percentage points - in 2005, Virginia went for Kaine by 6 percentage points.

    All I can say is: please please please campaign for more candidates next year, George!