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Reply to "Conservative Idiots"

blkCons will even defend this:

Folk Song Angers Parents, NAACP in Mich.
Compiled by the DiversityInc staff
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November 15, 2005

A black parent and the NAACP are criticizing a middle school's decision to perform a song that they say glorifies slavery.

The song, "Pick a Bale of Cotton," is on the folk-music choir program Wednesday at predominantly white Anderson Middle School in the Berkley School District.

The song's lyrics include, "Jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton. Gotta jump down, turn around, Oh, Lordie, pick a bale a day."

Greg Montgomery told The Detroit News that he complained to school officials, and when he was dissatisfied with their response, decided to pull his 11-year-old daughter, China, from singing.

"It's mind-boggling that people don't understand sensitive issues," he said.

China said: "They were bringing back the memories of how African Americans picked cotton, and it wasn't a good memory. It was disrespectful to African Americans."

Berkley schools spokesperson Gwen Ahern said district officials would consider the song's origin and decide whether to leave it in the concert program. She also defended the choice.

"We used to sing that song when I was in school during the '50s," she said. "It's like a Southern type of folk song