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Lou Beres
    Won't somebody think of the children? Lou Beres, "longtime head of the Christian Coalition of Oregon," apparently has been. He stepped down from his position and said he will "withdraw from political life" after he was accused of sexual abuse by three of his relatives.

    According to the Seattle Times:

    The three women - now adults - allege they were abused by Beres as preteens. Their families called the child abuse hot line last month, after the three openly discussed the alleged abuse for the first time.

    "I was molested," one of the women, now in her 50s, told The Oregonian. "I was victimized and I've suffered all my life for it. I'm still afraid to be in the same room with him."

    According to their website, "The Christian Coalition of Oregon is committed to representing the pro-family agenda and educating America on the critical issues facing our society."

    Perhaps someone should explain to Lou Beres that "pro-family" doesn't mean "banging your pre-teen relatives."

Republican Gun-Jumpers

    Two curious cases of mistaken identity ...both perpetrated by dumbass Republicans who were way too quick to pounce when they smelled political blood in the water.

    First, Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Rick Graber, along with local GOP lawmakers Rep. Jeff Stone and Sen. Joe Leibham, staged a news conference outside a Milwaukee home in order to decry voter fraud. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "The politicians didn't release names, but their presence implicated the private home that formed the news conference backdrop."

    Just one problem - there was never any evidence that the couple who own the home, Stuart and Gayle Schenk, were involved in voter fraud. Nor was there any evidence to implicate their son, Joseph, who is currently in Chicago studying to join the Franciscan order of the Roman Catholic Church. Whoops. Still, it was nice of the Wisconsin Republican Party to make them look like a bunch of crooks.

    The second tale of mistaken identity is more serious. Fox News ran a report on a suspected "Islamic radical" living in La Habra, CA. And, Fox News being Fox News, they actually gave out the address of his home live on air.

    If only Fox News had checked their facts (yeah, right). See, it turns out that the "Islamic radical" Fox fingered actually moved out of the house three years ago. Currently living in the house are Randy and Ronnell Vorick, who, as far as anyone knows, are neither Islamic nor radical.

    Still, it hasn't stopped local wankers from shouting profanities at them on the street. The Voricks have also enjoyed the privilege of having someone spray-paint the word "terrorist" on their front of their house - spelled, if you can believe it, "terrist." And now they're living under police protection.

    Ah, Fox News, that bastion of quality broadcasting. And their viewers are such nice people too.