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Reply to "Congressional Black Caucus Report Card for 2015, the 114th Congress"

I wish I had one dollar for every time I've heard I'm crazy, I'd be as rich as Trumpet. I wear my craziness with pride. Being born along side these assholes had lots to do with it, working with them placed the top onto the pot. Came here when the bombs were dropping on Japan and I'm still with them, that explains it alllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the ONLY ONE HERE that remembers hearing on the radio the death of FDR on April 12, 1945 as my little ass was going to a birthday party. All we had was radio, and I think all of us that were born in that era were better because of that fact. We don't see the world in the manner of the more youthful.


Now, the answer to my question??  What do these people do except take up space and look "black?" Has a nary one of 'em spoken about these white men going beserk on our black behinds in the name of "COPS?" Have they said anything about the black men going beserk on black behinds in the name of some damn crime or another? Can they tell brothers not to kill brothers?? That they look like fuckin' idiots when they do; that they're going to Gorilla Cages or to their Graves when they do?? Compliments of the Great White man???


How's about a couple of them telling the project inhabitants to pick up a broom, sweep around their own front doors and remove the fucking tires, garbage, plastic bottles, off the front of the property and back too, if applicable?? Make themselves appear like they live in Amerigo and not a slum in a foreign land.


Get some Pine Sol and clean the piss up in the halls. Ask for some extra lighting so you can get from outside to your door without being attacked by some creep or another. Tell all the bastards loitering around that don't belong, to get the hell out!! Lay off the alcohol, cigarettes and drugs!!


Do they do that?? Can they do that?? Can anyone do that?? Who can do that?? Will someone do that?? I don't live near that, so I can't do that!!!! I live around White People, gotta worry about 'em my damn self; have a heaping family.


Just askin'!!


Just what is it that they do except take up space and look "black?" And the answer is:_______________________________________. Nuttin' Honey!!!!!!

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