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Reply to "Congressional Black Caucus Forces Vote On Darrell Issa's Treatment Of Eric Holder"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:


Per a reply on, This is the list of Democrats that sided with the republicans on this: (Which should also serve as a list of Democrats for voters to unseat next election)

Mike Ross (D-AR)
Jim Costa (D-CA)
Dennis Cardoza (D-CA)
John Barrow (D-GA)
Leonard Boswell (D-IA)
Joe Donnelly (D-IN)


As soon as I read this I said to myself, "There has to be a (arm-twisting/back-room-deal making) reason for that!" (Because, in politics, there always is! )


And lo and behold ....


In a testament to just how charged the vote became, nearly all Democrats who voted with Republicans were responding to pressure from the National Rifle Association, which announced it would score the vote. Conservative Democrats, including Reps. John Barrow (Ga.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Collin Peterson (Minn.) and Nick Rahall (W.Va.), currently have the backing of the powerful gun lobby and don't want to lose it in high-stakes election year.


A "Conservative Democrat" is nothing but a Republican (wolf) in Democrat (sheep's) clothing, 


And the sooner we, as Democrats and voters, figure that out ... the better off we'll be!