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Reply to "Condi for President? No thank you."

The comment towards the end of this article, is relatively disengenuous, as it minimizes the historical significance of 'the trades' industrial side;and while slavery had ended, it is obvious who was working the cotton fields. (isolated comment near the end.)
Rice's Beatle break from diplomacy
U.S. secretary of state in Liverpool, will meet British counterpart
From Elise Labott
Thursday, March 30, 2006; Posted: 8:19 p.m. EST (01:19 GMT)

LIVERPOOL, England (CNN) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is breaking from diplomatic troubleshooting during a visit this week to the home of both the Beatles and her British counterpart, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.
Rice arrived Thursday at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport for a three-day stay that will take her to Straw's hometown of Blackburn.
About 20 percent of Blackburn's population is Muslim, and Rice had been invited to visit a mosque in the city. That invitation was withdrawn, however, amid reports that widespread protests about U.S. policy toward Muslims and the war in Iraq were planned. She will, however, meet with the area's Muslim leaders.
Rice came to England from Berlin, where she met with ministers representing the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China, for talks on the next steps to tighten the diplomatic noose around Iran following Wednesday's passage by the Security Council of a presidential statement. (Full story)
She also made a brief stop in Paris to meet with French President Jacques Chirac.
Her visit to Liverpool and Blackburn has been billed as an opportunity for Rice and Straw to demonstrate how U.S. foreign policy directly affects British citizens.
It follows a visit by Straw to Rice's home state of Alabama in October, where she gave him a high-profile taste of life in the Deep South.
The trip is full of photo opportunities meant to highlight the historic links between the United States and Britain. In Liverpool, Rice will attend a concert and visit a maritime museum steeped in the history of trade and travel between the two countries.
A Beatles fan, Rice also will have an opportunity to indulge in her passion for the band in its home city.

---------Straw's Blackburn, and the southern United States where Rice grew up, share historic ties to the cotton industry.
During the industrial revolution, American cotton grown in the Deep South was imported through Liverpool to Blackburn, where it was woven into cloth.------------------

On Friday, Rice will join Straw at a British Aerospace factory, where they are expected to discuss a deal on strike fighter jets.