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Reply to "Commentary: Today's Black Leaders Support Issues that Actually Hamper Our Progress"

Originally posted by Kevin41:

you sound like a Jew calling everything anti-semantic...when someone speaks out against their behavior. I do not have nothing against gays but I agree with the sister....we have had our goals defined and pursued as black people for ages without sexual orientation being an issue. I have nothing against gays...but them trying to parallel their social reality next to mine because of THEIR personal choices is bullschit. They can fight their own fight and not use their issues to pair up with mine based on being born black and nothing else...I did not have a choice....they do...especially the white gays....they can change their behavior and their whole social perception as a result....I can't do not such i do not have a problem with gays....but crying that homophobe schit everytime someone tells you about you imposition of your lifestyle on others is really is........


You will note that I referenced other comments that she has made earlier on another thread around here somewhere.

If it were only a matter of the short comment that she made in this thread, I might have still have responded, but not quite as strongly as I did.

She has made extremely hateful and malicious comments about gays, comparing gays to child molestors. (I forget exactly where, but I'm sure that I could find them if you want.) This is no different from white supremicist websites that claim that all blacks are rapists or child molestors or whatever.

There's a difference between not being interested in a particular struggle, or even disliking a group of people, and making hateful and malicious remarks designed to induce violence against those people.

Her comments are no different from comments that you might read about gays on a KKK or Nazi website.