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Reply to "Commentary: Today's Black Leaders Support Issues that Actually Hamper Our Progress"

Well, let's just start electing our leaders then we will know without a doubt who are chosen leaders are and our leaders will know to whom they are accountable.

And I will patiently await Part II of this article where the author details the issues Black CONservatives support that hamper our progress. That way will have it all out on the table and we can make an informed decision come BLACK ELECTION time... Big Grin

It is funny though to see how hard "they" try to sell Black CONservativism. There is a long tradition of self-reliance in the Black Community but somehow this Black CONservativism seems pretty much against talking about it. It's as if it doesn't exists to "them" (until they want to use it in the Sales Pitch, at which time they promptly misappropriate...)

Hmmm... And how exactly is this Black CONservatism based on Self-Reliance if it is extolling the "principles upon which this nation was founded" on and esteeming them as "the greatest harbinger of success"??

What??? There are Black Principles to RELY on or something?

That just seem pretty contradictory to talk about SELF-RELIANCE when one's principles are borrowed from someone else. And, yes, INDIVIDUALISM is a very WHITE/European idea. So, tell me how am I to regard Black CONservativism and its claims about promoting Self-Reliance when it borrows and relies heavily on such "founding principles" that don't at all exhibit any sort of BLACK PRIDE... given that it can't or won't even rely on the rich tradition of Black Self-Help and Self-Reliance that has its own concepts and embraces those that are a part of our own historical/cultural experience and not someone else's.

And with the Black CONservatives... like their White counterparts... if it ain't the WHO'S THE BETTER WHITE MAN CONTEST? they're quick to put on the WHO'S THE BETTER NEGRO? show. That is, IMO, B-Con's only want to replace "prevailing" Black "Leadership" in the White Man's Favor. No more, no less... IMO.

All the more reason why I say it's time for a BLACK ELECTION. Maybe we can cut some of this dumb shit out.
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