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Reply to "Comedian and Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dead at 84"

Kocolicious posted:

This is what the original book looked like.  And when I had was in paperback.  And only cost about at that time $6.00.  But!








I just happened to do a search, thinking that maybe it would come up on some Black Bookstore's website, but it came up on Amazon.  

I'm sure that the publishing company had ordered his books printed the minute it looked like he was gravely ill.  

But, you know, a lot of books written by OUR people, or by non-biased White writers that have written Truth about Africa, our ancestors, and their accomplishments, are "out of print", and a lot of books that the powers-that-be do not want people reading, are coincidentally, "out of print".

I'm sure that it primarily has to do with sales or sales dwaning over time, but there are many books and other writings that have been deliberately blocked from circulation.

Maybe those fighting to save the internet from being controlled and manipulated by a chosen few, will consider also fighting for all of the books and writings that may be or that have been kept, "out of print", only for the purpose of controlling knowledge, communication, and information.