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Reply to "Colonized by Corporations"

Americans have been being mentally "enslaved" to consumerism over "net worth" since the invention of television.  Marketing departments have been laying it on heavy since the 50s.  A timeline could be created that would show that the more sophisticated the marketing industry got, the more sophisticated the commercials got, and the more sophisticated the commercials got, the more Americans were spell-bound by consumer goods.  


That same timeline would also show that once African Americans began to pay the same amount of attention to their tv sets as their White counter-parts, especially after marketing companies began to show Black people in commercials and on tv show, it began to have the same affect on African Americans.  The 'consumerism spell-bound effect' went double impact after television was colorized so that people could actually see how 'shiny' everything they were being sold was (show them something shiny).  


American (and consumers world-wide) have been and still are essentially being brainwashed into believing whatever the biggest and the brightest marketing entities want them to believe, or believe they need, or believe they are not adequate without.  But, Americans first had to surrender their 'self-worth' to what the television, commercials, and movies said it should be, before any such brainwashing could take affect, and they did.  


Now, take that same timeline and consider how expensive televisions where when they first came out, and how color televisions were once they came out, then mark when it was that Black people began to see people like them in commercials, on tv, in movies, and there you have the gaps between marketing strategies having much of an effect on most Black people in America closing.  


Then televisions got cheap and everyone could afford one, this results in more marketing strategies influencing Black consumers.  You have to also, where Black people are concerned, take into account the eras in America where Black people could not necessarily shop the same places that Whites did although, the Sears & Roebuck catalog often filled that void, there is still a big difference in looking at still shots as apposed to looking at motion pictures. Now add all that to the average income of African Americans compared to whites as another void in marketing strategies' affect.  

You will be able to circle on that timeline, when the effect of marketing strategies began having their full effect on African Americans as well, and its ongoing. 


So, Americans, including African Americans, have been conditioned to see their 'net worth" as the all the consumer goods produced with 'planned obsolescence' that they possess (or don't possess); but, as with the television, Americans had to first voluntarily surrender their own ideas of net worth.  


i.e., 89% of people now see their "net worth"  as all the "THINGS" they can possess through consumerism, or as all the "THINGS" they don't possess because of the lack of the ability to obtain them.